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Around the world we are many of the same "species" having been infected with the "Green Disease".. the passion for old retired army vehicles. That being on track or wheels or even on wings.. it does not matter.. when we meet, there is an instant "click" and we can enjoy the same silly things, such as the sound of an Sherman Tank starting up, a Spitfire flying by or even the sound of a WW2 Jeep speeding up in 2nd gear... What a thrill and yet, we know that the world around us can only shake their heads and feel sorry for us.

But who cares, we are happy and as long as we are happy.. our world around us is happy with us......

Below is some useful links if you would like to take a journey on the web.. there are many very interesting websites to visit... so I would like to wish you a good journey, but do come back to www.jeepww2myworld again.


PANZER MUSEUM EAST (Sjaelland - Denmark)

Scandinavias largest private collection of military vehicles from the Warsaw Pact - Cold War 1950 to approx 1991. Here you will find tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Fighthing Vehicles, self propelled and towed artillery, ground-to-air missile system, field hospital, trucks, jeeps, uniforms, medals, awards and technical equipment such as engines, fire control, radio communication as well as motorcycles.  Furthermore the museum also has two helicopters, Hind MI-24P attack helicopter and Mil MI-9 (Hip) on display.


Normandy D-Day website

Very extensive and detailed Dutch website with many maps and illustrations and tour suggestions in Normandy.


Dansk Militærhistorisk Køretøjsforening (Danish Military Historical Vehicle Association):


Reenactment Association Denmark. World War Two Tommies (DK):


THE World War Two Jeep website with a lot of interesting and relevant information:


The Military Vehicle Trust (UK):


Military Vehicle Preservation Association (USA): 


Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society:




Dallas Auto (UK)

MD Juan (PH)

MILWEB (UK) another good place to source your WW2 spareparts and equipment:

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