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With passion for World War Two vehicles and history comes the desire to explore, visit and actually feel and sense the sites that link back to history. World War Two is the internal source of exciting stories about men and woman living and acting under very special circumstances.

The following articles are my contribution to these many stories and articles that help us keep the interest alive.

The touching story about a English Tommy during WW2 and his way from out posted British soldier all the way through the European campaign to the libertaion of Denmark and what was to become his love of his life..

A visit to the island, Corregidor, outside Manila. The American fortification seized by the Japanese Imperial Army after heavy bombardment and where Macarthur said the famours words; " I shalll return" fleeing the island leaving thousands US soldiers to the Japanese Army...

A visit to the British bunker in the heart of Singapore playing a vital role during the Fall of Singapore. A journey back in time and to the historical location of the deva-stating days in February 1942.

A visit to the old Ford Factory that was supposed to play an important role during the Malayian Campaign, but ended being a central location during the Fall of Singapore in February 1942 where the unconditionally surrender was dictated by the Japanese Commander. Years of cruelty and killing was to follow.

Pegasus Bridge in Normandy is the symbol of a succesful airborne operation carried out by British Airborne Units commanded by Major Howard landing in their gliders close to the bridge. This is the story of a visit at the site by a group of Danes meeting Martin Watts who is lecturing in Modern History from two universities  in the UK besides writing books and articles about World War Two.

The year is 2009. A group of twelve passionated WW2 entusiasts take the long road from Copenhagen, Denmark  to the beaches of Normandy via England in their old WW2 vehicles. A long  and memorable tour full of excitement and joy and a journey back in time.

Every year during construction works around the city,  from the hard battles of Berlin, are found in the Berlin underground. Grenates, weapons, human bones and other harsh reminders of a terrifying time during the last days of the German "Reich". This is the story from a visit to the Berlin Underworld, visiting one of the bunkers used by the inhabitants of Berlin during the heavy shelling and bombing from Allied bombers and Russian Troops.

The report from a visit to the historic "Pine-wood Battery", located directly on "Victoria Peak", which today is known as the "Lung Fu Shan Country Park",  high above the bustling and charming city of Hong Kong.

The report from visits to different historical locations in and around Singapore visiting canon positions, Machine Gun Pill Box and World War Two grave sites. 

This is the story about visits to two historical

sites in Singapore following the World War Two Trail. The trail takes us to visit a replication of one of the historical chapels build by  POWs followed by a visit tto the impressive gun position at Labrador Park, overlooking the coast of Singapore. 

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   The Tragedy at Sleepy Valley

    Article about one of the sad     

   stories from the battle of Singapore   

   that left more than 1.100 British,

   Australian and Indian soldiers dead 

   caught in the open land by the

   Japanese troops

1. "This is London, this is London.."

           By Kim Frost Fuglsang

2. "I shall return..."

           By Kim Frost Fuglsang

3. The Battlebox - Singapore

          By Kim Frost Fuglsang

4. The Old Ford Factory- Singapore

          By Kim Frost Fuglsang

5. Pegasus Bridge Revisited

         By Kim Frost Fuglsang / Dr. Martin Watts

6. Normandy revisited

         By Kim Frost Fuglsang

7. Below Berlin

         By Kim Frost Fuglsang

8. The Pinewood Battery - Hong Kong 

          By Kim Frost Fuglsang

9. Following the World War Two Trail -       


        By Kim Frost Fuglsang