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Half the fun of renovating and maintaining old military vehicles are to make them appear as contemporary, original and hopefully ready to go into action in the right surroundings.


So it is clear that right appearance does matter a lot. What is also one of the major factors for us owners of old military vehicles is the love to photograph our dearest possession .... This might create some domestic conflicts when children. wife or girlfriends are pushed aside when we want to photograph our vehicle .. Consequently most vehicle owners are constantly in a position where they "must make amends and smooth out" with the family.  BUT it does not change the fact that it is a joy to perpetuate these wonderful big and clumsy vehicles.

Please enjoy our growing Gallery of our own vehicles and others in the most inspiring and well made surroundings.





                                      Græsted Veterantræf

                Græsted - Denmark

                              (Photographer; Frank Hestehauge)


Every year in the spring time, an event for vintage vehicles, trains, tractors, sports cars, motorcycles AND vintage army vehicles, which include everything from retired army bicycles to large armoured tanks are on display in Græsted, north of Copenhagen. This is an event that is growing

in size year after year and visitors from both Denmark and neighbouring countries are finding their way up to beautiful country side each year. DMKF (Danish Military Historical Vehicle Association) are building their complete army camp with relevant displays and do attract a growing number

of visitors.






              "Tanks in Town"

               Mons - Belgium 

                              (Photographer; Frank Hestehauge)



The town of Mons in Belgium has been the host of an annual "Pow Wow" of giant WW2 tanks and related vehicles linking back to the European

WW2 history. This has been an unique opportunity to experience line of armoured tanks and uniformed soldiers taking the visitor back to the

bloody days of Allied fightings against the Nazis.










               War and Peace Show

               Beltring, United Kingdom

                               (Photographer; Frank Hestehauge)


Nothing less than the worlds biggest WW2 show in the south of England, Beltring. No where else do you find such numbers of restored vehicles, tankes and fittings and are you on the out look for a restoration project.. this is the place to find equally interested and passionate collectors.

Every year in July you have the chance to experience all these mighty historical rolling piece of history at full blast.


NEW: Special Extra Gallery of new amazing High Quality images from The War & Peace Show in Beltring, UK, taken by Frank Hestehauge




               Normandy Revisited                  

               A Visual Odyssey 2009  

                                  (Photographer: Erik, Søren, Ole, Flemming, Poul, Klaus and Per)


Around the world, from the West to the East, from the North to the South, accross religions, races, nationalities and political orientations,  there is ONE interest, hobby, passion or, as some even claim it to be, a "Green Disease", that truly unifies us... the restorations and maintainance of WW2 vehicles as well as the study of the history relating to those vehicles. In fact, that in spite of these vehicles relates to previous bloody wars, these vehicles and our interest in this particular part of our history is what brings us together in Peace and understanding. 


Please enjoy "a Visual Odyssey" from our last "Expedition"  in 2009 to Normandy after 5 years of careful planning.

For the last 15 years, and for just a few weeks, we have taken our "journey" back the the hectic 1944s living in a "time bubble" with good friends!











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