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Owner: Frank Hestehauge                                                                                                                                                     

Manufactured: US  1943

Model: Dodge WC 62

Unit: 1 Infantry Division (Big Red One)

116 Inf. Battalion

5th Anti Tank Vehicle





Owner: Erik Johansen

Manufactured: US, June 19th 1943

Model: Jeep Willys MB. Chassic no. 242821

Unit: US 4th Infantry Div. "IVY Division" Famous Fourth - participated on D-Day - June 6th 1944





Owner: Poul Brink-Larsen, Erik Johansen, Kim Frost Fuglsang

Manufactured: Canada 26 January 1944

Model: Chevrolet C8A HUP

Unit: Canadian Corps of Signal  40





Owner: Poul Brink-Larsen

Manufactured: US March 1946

Model: Jeep

Unit: Danish Military Police


"My Jeep was built in March 1946 and registered in November 1946.
I have rebuilt it as a Danish Military Police Jeep, as they appeared in Germany in 1948.
I have used photographic material from the publication, "Kommandokureren" and from the Senior Sergent, Erik Løvenvig, who personally drove a Jeep similar to my Jeep

in Germany. My Jeep is a reconstructed model, since the original was a total loss when a Centurion tank crashed it in 1953, during a military exercise.
I've had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Løvenvig personally where I borrowed various photos of him in the original Jeep, and photos of the totally damaged Jeep as well".




Owner: Ole Andersen, Flemming Koch

Manufactured: US December 1940

Model: GMC

Unit: US 4 / 22F  C-1


"This GMC is born in December 1940 as a CCKW 353 X. Only later the 352 was launched, which is the short version like this one.

These models (GMC CCKW 353), lasted up til serial number 21489, whereafter it became 352.

This model is a "X" model, which is a test model, which Ole and Flemming discoverd when they were renovating the break system as the main break cylinder does not fit in to the later models.


This GMC has serial number 6782B1"



Owner: Søren Larsen

Manufactured: US 1942

Model: Dodge WC51

Unit:  British Ordnance Park 






















Owner: Søren Dalberg-Pedersen

Manufactured: US 1943

Model: Harley Davidson WLA 45, type IV, vehicle identification number 42WLA45772

Unit markings: 3A/2^P/HQ6


I found my motorcycle in Holland where I bought it from a collector. The bike came with a Polish title - which indicates that it came from the bulk of "lend & lease"

vehicles sent to Russia during the period. One previous owner applied the unit markings which identyfies the vehicle to be part of General Pattons third army - I still

believe in the "lend & lease" theory though.





Owner: Kim Frost Fuglsang

Manufactured: US August 1944

Model: Jeep Ford GPW - Chassis no. 217099

Unit: British 6. Airborne


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