The Icon of WW2:

the JEEP


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A passionate collector and his Jeeps

By Kim Frost Fuglsang / Lloyd White 


Around the world collectors of WW2 hardware, vehicles and simply historical knowledge are all dedicated to restore and maintain and not least collect parts of our World War 2 history. A dedication and interest that often takes up significant resources and time and is most of the time financed from private funds. Fortunately many of these collections are either displayed in private museums as static displays or at large events where the collections are shown "in action". These shows can be in the form of reenactments or events such as the War and Peace Show in the UK or simply large events over weeks at the actual historical locations such as Normandy, Arnhem or Ardennes.


In the USA there is a very widespread and dynamic network of collectors that meet on a regulary basis where the passionate collectors display, sell and swop items, spareparts and even more important, networking with like minded.


One of our very passionate and knowledgable members in the USA is Lloyd White.

Lloyd has not only done his "tours" in real life, but has also written various articles about his WW2 interests and is also a very keen and impressive collector of one of the real WW2 icons, the Jeep. Some of you have already read some of Lloyds articles in "Army Motors" and most likely met him at some of the events held in the USA. Lloyd always finds interest in looking out for more "stories" about other WW2 jeeps from the different theatres of history and appreciate to stay in touch with Jeep owners around the world. This time we have asked Lloyd share some of the histories of 10 of his historical Jeeps. So please enjoy these 10 mighty examples below.   



"The Lloyd White Collection"

Here are pictures of 10 of Lloyds selected MB's & GPW's

"ENGAGEMENT": Lloyd writes: my favorite jeep, 1943 U.S. M.C. jeep unrestored. no history known about the jeep, but it was found in Southern California
in the early 1970's, It is an original Marine Corps contract jeep, with the original registration number still painted on the side panel of the jeep. and I have pictures showing when it was found it did have a pedestal mount and the M48 Dash board mount in it while in the Marine Corps.


"OH DOC": Restored 1942 GPW. Was assigned to the 6th Armor while in the service and had the name Oh' Doc stenciled on both sides above the rear wheel well. The USA number is original to the jeep.



"TRANSPORTATION POOL 12ND": Restored 1944 MB, was a jeep assigned to the Navy while in the service, but no history known about the jeep, the markings I put on are for the 12 Navel District on Treasure Island in the state of California.




"SLATGRILL JEEP": Restored January 8, 1942 MB, The jeeps was purchased in 1946 by a Ex-veteran at Stockton Ordnance Depot also in the state of California. Use as a car for transportation to go to school, then stored after graduation, in the late 1970's he brought the jeep to the the state of Oregon where I live and it was purchased by a non collector who I purchased it from and restored it. During restoration I found an original Army trip ticket in the jeep, and it indicated the jeep was assigned to the 364 Infantry during WWII and the 364 Infantry was stationed on Adak Island. The USA Registration number is original to the jeep.


"BORINQUENEERS": Restored 1943 GPW. The vehicle was reconditioned by the W.A. Bechtel Company 2-25-1945. It has an early ACM type body on a 1943 GPW frame, and a 1943 GPA engine. The marking were that of my cousin, who was an officer in a Spanish unit in Korea during the Korean Conflict. The USA Registration number is original to the jeep.




"1913 MILITARY POLICE BATTALION": Unrestored, another one of my favorite jeeps, The DOD on the jeep is 2-2-42, and was assigned to CampWhite, and Army basic training station in Southern Oregon during WWII. The unit the jeep was assigned to can still be seen on the front bumper..1913 Military Police Battalion of the 9th Service Command at CampWhite. It also has the factory engine with it. The jeep took me about 25 years to talk the owner to sell it.


"COCKTAIL SIREN": Restored, one of the early GPW that came with the typical Ford frame. No original history of the jeep is known. So I applied the markings of the 8th Air Force, ..728 Bomb Squad, ..452 Bomb Group. The reason for these marking was I have a jacket of this unit with the picture on the back, that is the same picture painted on the side of the jeep. Cocktail Siren was the name of a B-17 that flew out of England with the units on the front bumper. As of this time I have never been able to find any history of this plane. Anyone that has a more detailed story about "Cocktail Siren"?


AGFRD2-X: Unrestored. Very original, still has the factory engine, and  was assigned to the 2nd replacement Depot at Ft. OrdCalifornia during WWII. You can still read the front bumper markings..AGFRD2-X   52. Which stands for...Army Ground Forces Replacement Depot, the X means it was not assigned to a Division and the 52nd vehicle. It took me over 25 years to purchase this vehicle, and still has all five factory Goodyear tires on it.



1-16-I  HQ-6:  Restored and used during the 55 Aniversity of Normandy. No history is known of the jeep, except it was imported to England, and semi restored. I had the markings applied of the 1st Division, 16 Infantry, the unit which land in the early morning on Omaha Beach on D-day.




"STRASSEL FLIP": Unrestored . 1943 GPW. The jeep was reconditioned by C Ji  Stewart & Stevenson of Houston, Texas, date 4-9-1945. Original markings show it was assigned to the Air Force under the 1st Service Command on the Eastern Part of the United States after WWII. The jeep also still has the original factory engine and USA Registration number on the hood.



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