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For more than 30 years,my old Ford GPV Jeep from 1944, has followed me through thick and thin. Thousands of hours have been spent above, below and inside the old vehicle on restoration or just on "make up". Together with my father and good friends, I have eventually restored it back to original condition. For many years I have met other like-minded people through "Danish Military Vehicle Association" (DMKF) and together we have kept these old vehicles rolling.


Besides the passion for these strong-going military vehicles we have also a great interest in World War Two and in particular, everything that relates to D-Day.


D-Day took place on 6 June 1944 at the beaches and from the air of Normandy. Every fifth year, we are a small group of close friends with the same interest that take the tour down to Normandy in our old vehicles. For 14 days we drive around in our old vehicles, sleeping in our vintage military tents, cooking food the military style under the open sky, just as they did in 1944. We enjoy ourselves in each other's company, do field repair on our vehicles and spend quality time in our own "1944 time bubble". 

For about 3-4 weeks, the entire Normandy region is "peopled" by peers from around the world. Many participate in their old vehicles dressed in uniforms and equipment from the time. The locals are friendly and welcoming when the entire coastal area is being "invaded" and nowhere else you can experience a similar welcoming feeling and hospitality, as in Normandy.

I would like to give a special thanks to my father, who introduced me to the idea of buying a WW2 Jeep back in the early '80s, a vehicle which has subsequently been given me so many good moments. Also a big thanks to my close friends that share the same passion as me, Erik, Poul, Frank, Ole, Flemming, Niels, Søren and Bent, who has always been ready to help when the Jeep "teased".

"See You at the Beach Boys"

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