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Mr. Frank Hestehauge, is one of the leading Danish Photographer of vintage army vehicles. 

For the last 20+ years, he has taken thousands and thousands of photos of WW2 vehicles

in Award Winning quality.


Besides the interest in "freezing images" of vehicles in the right surroundings, Frank also has

a passion for the driving  and maintaining these old vehicles and is a proud owner of an old

Dodge WC-62.







In the picture to the above, you can see him with his Dodge at Omaha Beach. Frank is also one of the members of "WW2 Battle Site Digging Society".



Below you will see a number of photos taken by Frank during the annual event "GRÆSTED VETERANTRÆF" in Denmark.


If you have an interest in either buying or publishing one of the below pictures in a sharper quality repro quality, please contact me on 


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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